Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dark Temptation Birthday Cake

Dark Temptation is an absolutely rich and moist chocolate cake made with real good quality chocolate with a generous spread of chocolate ganache filling between cake layers and then covered with more ganache all over! A must-try for those chocolate sinners!

A 1.3kg Dark Temptation ordered by Kim for her 2-year old nephew, Cheng-Cheng, and sister, Joanne. I took my time making the clown, being very careful not to let myself feel dizzy. I feel perfectly fine =) Enjoy the photos!

P/s Kim and family, I hope you'll enjoy the cake! Bon apetit!

Caledonia offers the Dark Temptation at RM80 for a 8" - 1.3kg cake. The taste is worth the price, Trust me!

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