Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aliah's Sister's Chocolate Orange Volcano Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for Aliah's sister - Chocolate Orange Volcano

[mini accessories]

[Jay's Mint Slices ordered by Ayu...I may need to reduce the amount of sugar in the Mint Slices]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Endless moulding

I'm in my 'relaxed' mood as I like to call it. I've been keeping myself busy preparing flowers and other decoration stuff. I've made a mini handbag with matching ballerinas, a lipstick, a necklace, a key, pink violets and apple blossoms, and I just finished moulding a man for next month's orders. I still have a girl, a big ass laptop, some stars, and perhaps books to make. doesn't help that I feel like going to the island to dive! Oh dear!! focus focus! Kim, Jay, and myself will be visiting this dive shop to look at/try on masks this Saturday =) I'm eagerly waiting for my Cressi Subs to arrive and try them on to see which fits best! ohhh bestnya!

Now diving and cakes just don't gel do they? Weirdd.... but it's alright *shrugs*

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Joseph's Safari Choc Cheese Birthday Cake

I've just 90% finished decorating a grand (2kg) Choc Cheese Wave cake ordered by Mrs. Yeoh for her son's first birthday, baby Joseph. When I received a call from Joseph's mum, about a week ago, she requested that I make the KLCC Twin Towers and the monorail. To be honest, I was quite taken aback as we all must admit it is a rare choice for a 1-year old. I couldn't promise Mrs. Yeoh that I'll be able to take the order with that extravagant decorations as I only had one week to make everything on top of the existing orders I've already taken from other customers. However, at the same time, I was excited about it as it would have given me the chance to further test my humble construction skills. I had already planned a city theme for the cake with buildings and all in my head while strolling along the corridors of Bangsar Village. Even my husband got a little excited! LOL

Anyway, I didn't think I'd hear from Mrs. Yeoh again, but she did call me the next day and confirmed that she wanted me to bake her son's cake with baby animals on it. Since I just bought a #1 cake pan for an order in June, I suggested that she has the #1-shaped cake with animals on it. So I came up with more or less a Safari theme. I tried introducing as many colours as possible as I know babies Joseph's age would appreciate that. This was what happened when I let my brains run a bit wild - a pink monkey, and a supposedly Zebra but actually looks like a cross breed between a cat and something else. My husband calls it Wolverine! LOL Plus a couple of palm trees and ladybugs and snakes.

I really hope both mother and son will enjoy the fun decoration and cake. Looking forward to delivering the cake over to their house tomorrow! =)

[this is still a work-in-progress cake. It's missing the pink monkey and 'Wolverine' plus other finishing touches. I'll add more photos of the finished cake tomorrow]

[The completed Safari cake]

[the rare species...a pink Ape and my cross-breed Wolverine]

I just received a call from Mrs. Yeoh. They love the cake and decorations! =) Only problem is, it's too big a cake for just two adults and a baby! She said even Joseph was still half asleep when asked to blow the candle LOL Bless! =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Birthday cake gift for mama

These are some photos of the unfinished cake for Aliah's mum specially for Aliah and family's viewings. The cake is missing a sitting lady, numbers 6 & 0, and some ladybugs, which I will put on just before pickup.

[a petite Choc Cheese Wave covered with freshly whipped cream and Vanilla buttercream leaf & floral borders]

[Just one quick snap of my busty lady while Aliah's sister was waiting downstairs!]

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Diver and his Boat Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake

It was my husband's, Kim's, '23rd' birthday yesterday. We had an initial plan to go up to Cherating and have some sort of BBQ with friends. However, Kim's mum and aunt wanted to make Sarawak Laksa for the birthday, so we canceled Cherating and did like a small gathering amongst family at home.

I last minutely baked Kim's all time favourite cake, the Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake with a sail boat topper. Since we just got out diving license, I decided to put a diver's flag and name the boat Kim's Divers just for fun =)

I also made some Inside-Out-Profiteroles. I must ad mit that I didn't enjoy the profiteroles a single bit as I changed the type of chocolate to this new one that I found in PJ. It really made a huge difference in taste! I'll go back to using the beautifully rich and dark chocolate I'm used to (even though it's slightly more expensive). Anyway, here are some photos of the cake and pastries and my boat which looked like it belongs to a dive centre in Perhentian Kecil LOL.

[the cake and our daughter, Emille in the background mixing ice-cream!]

[my not so satisfying Inside-Out-Profiteroles. Lesson: Do not substitute good quality chocolate for inferior ones]

[the birthday Papa and his daughter =)]

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jay's Mint Slices

I had a baking afternoon with Jay yesterday. Being a chocoholic that she is, Jay wanted me to experiment making these chocolates - they're like After Eights with the soft mint centre. We made our version slightly different - there were 3 layers i.e. an Oreo cookie crust at the bottom, a sweet mint filling at the centre, and a beautiful rich dark chocolate as the top. It was relatively easy to make, just that Jay couldn't bear the waiting-chilling time. She said suddenly out of the blue, "I just can't wait to put those things in my mouth!" (while checking her emails on the laptop!). Jay made the first cut and taste...she said, "there is heaven on earth!" hhmmmmmm....She ate most of the chocolate in my house, and I packed the leftovers for her to take home. Jay said they will last for another 3 days...hhmm...I'm sceptical, I don't think they'll even last the car journey home!. I'll check later today when I see her =)

[I made Jay pipe her name for the first time]

[Jay literally cut her way through the sides of the chocolate as you can see. My mum-in-law who was sitting in the corner said "Mak hairan tengok Jay makan chocolate banyak sangat!" ("I was shocked to see Jay eat so much chocolate!")]

[soft sweet mint filling sandwiched by an Oreo crust and rich dark chocolate. Beautiful!]

[the proud consumer!]

I will list/offer Jay's Mint Slices on Caledonia's menu. I don't know what category this will come in under. It's definitely not cake nor is it pastry. It's simply Chocolate!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patricia's Caramel Apple Cheesecake Birthday Cake gift

I managed to get hold of photos of the Caramel Apple Cheesecake ordered by my friend Patricia for her friend's birthday, Kay. Since Pat didn't wanted a message on the cake, I changed the caramel apple pie topping as the filling and topped the cake with caramel sticks instead. I found it a bit difficult to write nicely on the rough surface though. Nevertheless, Patricia and friends enjoyed the cake, which was the most important thing =)

[I have no idea why this photo refuses to be rotated!]

[Patricia and friends]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A tale of two postwomen

I made a Mother's Day delivery to my friend's house, Puteri, earlier today. It was quite a drive through the unfamiliar area, i must say. It didn't help that I made life more complicated by choosing to go through one route instead of the one suggested by Puteri's dad! LOL

When we got to Puteri's house, Jay and myself were invited to come in for tea. I was quite malu at first but Puteri's dad insisted. So we had iced tea which was nice and refreshing andddd....MY CAKE!!! It's wrong!!! Puteri, it's wrong! hahahah to serve a cake that I baked for someone's mum, to myself! Oh dear. Anyway, I had the tiniest slice and Jay had TWO slices! She even swallowed all the fondant and buttercream! At least now I know what a fondant covered cake tastes like! I'm glad that both parents enjoyed the cake.

Getting out of the place was another story. I left navigating to Jay, and ended up making another tour around Sungai Merab! LOL I should have just gotten hold of the map and did it myself. Nevertheless, it was a good drive! I was thankful that I delivered in broad daylight =) So next time, in about eight years time, I will return to Sungai Merab and eat Aunty Kobkua's durians without getting lost!! muaahahahahahaha

My head was all over the place with Mother's Day's orders and deliveries that I've forgotten to take photos of Patricia's Caramel Apple Cheesecake birthday cake and Rima's Inside-Out-Profiteroles for her mum. *sigh*

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A cake for mum from her most favourite daughter

This cake is a surprise Mother's Day cake from a friend, Puteri, for her mum. It's a petite (1kg) Choc Cheese Wave cake. Puteri liked the Rose Bouquet Cake I made for Hajar. She requested that I made something similar but less extravagant, not too girly with flowers around it and a message to beloved mum on the cake. I managed to fit everything onto and around the tiny cake. Puteri, I hope the cake's up to your expectation and most importantly, something that mum and the rest of the family will enjoy =)