Monday, March 9, 2009

Double Twilight-Tania-Bites episode

I baked about 2kg (as usual, I forgot to weigh!) worth of Twilight Bites for my gonggok friend Tania. It's basically my Choc Cheese Wave without the 'Cheese Wave'. Yes, it's a chocolate cake Tania style i.e. Twilight Bites as I like to call it (the Twilight-craze was booming the first time I baked this cake, hence the name). See, the last time I baked for my gonggok friend, the whole cake only lasted her a good 3 days!!!!! I cut them up into little molex (petite bite-sizes) and had 2 containers full. So this time, I decided to bake double and lump everything into an 11x11 inch tin. The mistake this time was to use the 11x11 inch tin to bake the T. Bites. When I turned the cake out, the bottom looked slightly soggy. So i knew that water had seeped in through the bottom sides of the tin. So next time, I'll use two 9x9 inch tins (they're better tins compared to the 11") instead of one big one. Plus the smaller tins gave me more molex Twilight Bites =)

[lets see how long this lasts Tania...last time round (3 days) was only 2 of the smaller containers]

[this actually makes a quite yummy chocolate cake especially when frosted with chocolate fudge! I'll experiment when I have less cakes to bake/decorate]

...let the Twilight Bites marathon begin!...

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