Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dolly's Choc Cheese Wave Wedding 'hantaran' Cake

I've completed my first Wedding-related cake ordered by my former highschool mate, Dolly, as a hantaran for her wedding. She has a Cream & Gold theme for the ceremony/function. So I decided to keep the fondant Cream/Ivory and the pipework Gold. I started covering the grand Choc Cheese Wave with a layer of chocolate buttercream and Ivory tinted fondant yesterday. Today, I did the decoration for about 7 hours since 10am. I'm now feeling very satisfied from what I've achieved for the entire duration =)

I mainly wanted to play around with Royal Icing, hence, the embroidered flowers + brushwork. The sides of the cake are covered in an endless stream of Cornelli Lace (which I found was quite labour intensive to keep that even pressure for a complete circumference!). Anyway, just like any fondant iced cake orders, I did warn Dolly to push the icing aside when eating the cake. The Wave is just too a beautiful cake on its own.

[my sugarpaste flowers]

[the grand (2kg) Choc Cheese Wave frosted with chocolate buttercream]

[a completed 'hantaran' cake]

For some reason, the cake looks very Malay! Not that it's a bad thing =P


Fara said...

ira, the cake's surface looks like there's a henna drawing on it which is so unique & yes, it looks very malay indeed! anyways, congratulations on again 4 being able to produce a wonderful masterpiece... keep up the good work :)

Caledonia said...

Hi Fara, thanks! Yes, actually it does look a bit like henna. It must be the colour! I used one of the Royal Icing piping technique called brush embroidery to create those 'henna'. If this cake had a race, it would definitely be Malay LOL. Again, I think the colour combination made it that way. I'm sure it'll look English if I were to use baby blue + white. Thanks for taking interest in my humble blog =)