Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cake experiment quest

I'm on a quest to finding the ultimate birthday cake for a good friend Jay's sister, Rin, on the 3rd April. A clue was Alexis' Tiramisu (I have yet to taste their Tiramisu), and sherbet. Today, I shall expeiment on a Tiramisu-like-cake that it shares more or less the main ingredients of making a Tiramisu i.e. coffee and mascarpone, except that I'll put nuts in them + plus other stuff. I'm baking a mini version and shall give Jay a slice to taste to gauge the flavour category.

Anybody who wants to taste/get a free slice of cake (provided that it's still available), just let me know, I'll save a slice for you to pick up =)

[Coffee Macadamia cake - I wanted to give some away, but Kim loved it so much, he insisted that I kept everything!!]

I'm planning to bake a Lemon-y Cheesecake with Lemon custard and lemon sponge layers next week. I'll update on that once it's done.


ayu said...

ggrrrr save some for me save some for me!!! just two more weeks till i'm in kay el!! (i might hand carry your cocoa powder...and i couldn't find any pastry that would make the long trip!)

Caledonia said...

LOL It's ok Ayu =) I'll BAKE one for you kay?? When are you coming over exactly?? I'll get one ready when we get together =)

ayu said...

me happy lamb!!! :o) arriving in KL on the 6th at 9:25 pm. then prob head back to penang on thursday or friday for the sunday festivities. we should prob meet up sometime then, or afterwards pun takpa. heheh...we're flexible. can we come watch you make the cake? or are a lot of them well kept secrets? :o) we'll try to be good!

Caledonia said...

Oh great! =) Well, you can come and watch me make the cake if you want to. I don't really mind. as long as you two be really good and don't ask questions =P