Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All about flowers

I'm in the midst of completing an engagement cake due on Thursday evening. It's the Dark Temptation with additional whipped Vanilla cream frosting to make the cake white. I've just finished piping some Violets and not-quite-there purple blossoms. I think I will re-do the blossoms tomorrow. This is my first floral pipe work using Royal Icing. I think it will be best if the kitchen was air-conditioned so that the icing will remain of the same consistency. Tomorrow I shall 1) bake the cake, 2) make a trip to Bake With Yen to get lots of cream, board, box etc etc, 3) hopefully ice the cake, and 4) make more proper purple blossoms. I have a very understated design for this engagement cake. I always think less is more. We'll see how things go, and I hope that the bride-to-be will like my cake =)

[left: my not-quite-there purple blossoms. I piped them first before doing the Violets.]
[right: my Violets after I realised that I needed to stiffen the Royal icing]

[Violets left to dry]

[bottom left corner: purple blossoms re-piped with stiffer icing]
[top right corner: already dried Violets. I found them VERY fragile compared to the blossoms so ended up having quite a number of breakages]

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