Sunday, March 15, 2009

Embroidered flowers

I've already started my preparations on Dolly's wedding hantaran cake for Thursday 19th March. I baked a Grand (2kg) Choc Cheese Wave cake this morning and have left it to perap (a Malay term for soaking/marinating) in the fridge. I'm being more adventurous with the deco this time. Since Dolly specially requested that the cake be iced with rolled fondant, I plan to decorate the cake with embroidered flowers all over. I did a practice session with embroidery techniques this afternoon and it turned out quite well. I can't wait to cover the whole cake with it on Wednesday! I am, however, quite nervous about covering the cake with fondant since I felt quite ill from it the last time. Given ample time to prepare and do my homework on what to do and not to do with fondant iced cakes, I'm keeping a positive mind about the whole thing which I will start on Tuesday.

Fondant flower making/moulding will commence tomorrow (Monday) after I've had a good cycling and pilates session in the afternoon =) Oh talking of which, I must not forget to buy myself from MidValley, a brand new sponge for the flowers (since my existing one somehow ended up in the sink!) and also a cream coloured ribbon to wrap around the cake board. Ok, enough cake thoughts for today. I shall continue thinking tomorrow. Good night!

[apologies for my poor out of focus photo taken using my camera phone. Just to show you my first embroidery practice attempt =)]

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