Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aliah's 3kg Choc Cheese Wave Birthday cake (that left me ill!)

I spent a good 3 days baking and decorating this 3kg Choc Cheese Wave birthday cake ordered by Aliah for her bestfriend, Fara. The theme was for a girlie girl who adores shoes and bags (plus an elephant!). To be honest, today was my first time covering a cake with fondant. There was a point today when i nearly gave up and just hoped that the cake wasn't a whopping 10-inch square cake! My dislike towards fondant still remains, hence, told Aliah to warn her friends to simply push the icing aside when eating the cake.

Firstly, I made my own fondant & gumpaste. It's dead easy with my KitchenAid at my service! Not funny when I had to make using a hand mixer and hands! So I started offw with the shoe heel and pink duffle/tote on Thursday, and left them overnight to harden. Then continued making the sole & in-sole + the back + the front on Friday together with the brown tote and an elephant! I spent the whole of Friday baking, moulding and drawing sketches and measuring. At times, I did wish that I was first a cobbler, then a tailor, then an artist! Reality is such that I'm an accountant who turned into a housewife-baker.

Today (Saturday), I tried assembling the cake. I will not lie and boast that it went a breeze. I've never felt so pressured in my entire life! I guess that goes to every baker dealing with their first fondant experience! Anyway, finally i managed to finish the job which left me feeling VERY nauseatic/dizzy/faint (not to mention throwing up in the toilet!) i.e. VERY ILL - my mum asked me "Ira, are you sure you're not expecting?" LOL No, mum I'm not! I'm feeling much better after popping in an anti-nausea pill prescribed by the doctor earlier today.

However, I'm very proud of moulding the shoe, bags and ELEPHANT! Yay! So here are the photos of my humble creation.

P/s Aliah, hope you enjoy the photos! Fara, fiance & friends, hope you enjoyed the cake. Please ignore the icing! =)

[the pink duffle was the easiest! just a bit of imagination was all it took!]

[Kim said that my baby elephant looked scary with the eyelashes]

[so I took them off and painted her eyes brown =) please excuse my props]

[I was too nauseous to take photos of the work in progress so just a couple of shots of the final product would do]

[the end]


Jacquelyn said...

U're slowly going into cake deco, soon u'll be a pro ;) The elephant is soo cute

Caledonia said...

Thanks!! Cake decorating takes practice..and I'm sure I need lots of it! =) Heheheh I wonder what happened to my Little Dumbo?!