Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sunday thought

I'm slowly..gradually..going down with flu =( I promised Kim that I'll bake some of those divine Cheese Cuppies as I like to call them tomorrow. They're not on the menu because I don't know whether or not people are prepared to pay about RM3-RM3.50 per cuppy...a VERY DIVINE, full of goodness, cheese cuppy. So I only make them if throw parties/BBQs or simply as presents to family & friends. Since Kim has been craving for it, I'll bake some tomorrow. I might give some away (if Kim lets me!) to friends I'll meet within the next few days. I'll post photos of those beautiful little cuppies soon (decorated if I feel up for it).

Oh, Jay has decided that she wants the App-mel Cheesecake for her sister's birthday this coming 3rd April. I'll get that sorted on Wednesday =) Have a beautiful Sunday my dear readers!

[Cappuccino Cheese Cuppies topped with softly whipped Vanilla cream]

[I took out three cuppies which we had for breakfast!]

[please excuse my over-exposed photo]

[my loyal cake critique]


anorrisah said...

hi ira, im anor, my husband, Erwin is a good friend of Kim and hence am also a friend of Kim :)

anyways would like to say, ive only started baking... and it is very addictive.. now just starting with cupcakes...

so am gonna follow your blog, just added myself as one of your followers hehehe ok?

you are so good at this... did you take any pro classes or just on your own?


Caledonia said...

Hi Anor. Yes yes I do know you as Erwin's wife, but haven't had to chance to meet hence introduced yet =)

Yes, i do agree baking does get addictive and for me, at least, the satisfaction comes from feeding people with your cakes LOL! I really appreciate your interest in my humble cake blog =) I've only seriously went into all this about 6 months ago. But I have been baking just to satisfy my own cravings before that. Yes, I've been to some proper classes as well as self learn through books etc etc...

I wouldn't say I'm a pro but I do try very hard. I hope my blog will give you some inspiration to progress/improve your baking skills =D Thanks again for taking interest and happy caking or rather cupcaking (in your case!) =D

Ira x