Monday, February 2, 2009

Mini Fudge-Chip Brownies

I experimented on some fudgy brownies today, which I called my Mini Fudge-Chip Brownies. Bursting with the richness of dark chocolate with additional milk-chocolate chips in them plus more scattered on top. Delicious! Only complaint was that it was too sweet!! I didn't realise those chocolate chips were made from milk chocolate! For some weird reason, I assumed they were bitter-sweet ones. O well, I'll just have to reduce the amount of sugar I put in them next time =)

[One tray (7"x10") of Mini Fudge-Chip Brownies yields about 48 pieces of 1"x1" (approx.) squares]

Caledonia offers the Mini Fudge-Chip Brownies at RM40 for 600g/48 pieces of 1"x1" squares

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