Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Choc Cheese Wave

[a petite - 950g Choc Cheese Wave consisting of a centre layer of creamy cheesecake, sandwiched with two layers of melt in the mouth chocolate brownie-cake ]

I just finished decorating Wani's cake for her husband's 30th birthday. She ordered a petite Choc Cheese Wave cake with the writing "Happy 30th Birthday Chor". My initial plan was to cover the cake in dark chocolate ganache and drizzle white chocolate over. However, after I turned the cake out of its tin last night, I decided to leave the cake bare for a change - no ganache, just to give the cake more character as the chocolate and cheese layers are visible. So I marked overlapping heart shapes using a cookie cutter around the cake edges and traced them with melted white chocolate. The writing was meant to be RED but I forgot that WHITE (from the white chocolate) + RED = PINK. So I had to make do. I finished the cake off by tying a black and white ribbon around the cake and stuck two huge number '3' and '0' candles. I hope Wani & her husband like the cake.

Caledonia offers the Wave in two sizes. Grand (2kg) for RM80 and Petite (950g) for RM55. Caledonia's BEST SELLER by far!

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