Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aliah's Choc Cheese Wave Birthday Cake gift

This is my proudly produced Choc Cheese Wave birthday cake for Aliah's special someone. Everything was decided (type of cake, by Aliah)/bought cake supplies/baked/decorated/delivered (11km away) within 8 hours! I started as early as 9am and was done by 4.30pm the same day. I suddenly realised something, I think when I don't give too much thought about the decoration, then will it be produced nicely. Yes, I ALWAYS over-think things and keep changing them at the 11th hour.

This cake was ordered by my sister's friend, Aliah, who is in Leeds with Mimi (my sister), for someone who means a lot to her. Aliah gave me one single clue "lovey-dovey". So I decided to play around with those sugar hearts and coincidentally found a suitable butterfly to go with the cake. The cake is iced with yummy softly whipped Vanilla cream all over. I was glad that Emille (my mischievous 2 yr old daughter) was asleep throughtout the entire duration I was decorating the cake. Suddenly having a random object thrown onto an iced cake would set me on flames! (yes it HAS happened before!)

I managed to deliver the cake without problems and reached home as a happy baker =) Aliah, if you're reading this, I hope you like the cake presentation as much as his Mum does =) Enjoy!

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Tigerlily said...

Kak Ira!!! Cantik cantik cantik sangat!!! Im really happy and satisfied, honestly i tak senang duduk waiting for it to be done. No words can describe how relieved and HAPPY i am when you delivered the cake. Thanks again Kak Ira, i know ive been saying this many times, but seriously.. you're a wonderful baker!!!!! Cant wait to order more from you :)