Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Bread & Butter Pudding

So here it is! Due to the stitches in the area between my upper lip and my teeth, I only had about 3 small rectangles of the pud. My mother who is a huge fan of b&b pudding, ate nearly 1/4 of it and has now dozed off ! It's only 8.20pm! I usually add some pecans in my b&b pudding to give it that extra crunch. I felt a bit stingy today and didn't bother getting any pecans at Carrefour =( After my husband footed my huge "Valentine's gift" bill as I like to call it, at Damansara Specialist Hospital, I think I should be a little thrifty this month. I am still a bit disappointed at Kim's insurance agent friend who sold us insurance 2 months ago and said my surgery wasn't covered simply because we haven't hit the 3 month minimum period (or whatever you want to call it) of joining. It's annoying because everything were 'yeses' and 'okays' before taking up the insurance. But after that, if anything happens and it would be beautiful if you could benefit from what you took up from the insurer, everything becomes a 'maybe not'/'i don't think so'/'no's'. If the result of my operation comes out as something more serious than just merely a growth, and i still can't use the insurance, I don't think I would want to look at that husband's of mine friend's face ever again!

Anyway...getting back to my baking, all is beautiful except for the odd white layers of bread visible in the pudding. I just cannot see a single layer of bread in my bread & butter pudding. Every bit has to be fully soaked up with custard. That would be a must..anyway, I still enjoyed it heh heh heh No more cravings =)

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