Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mixer episode

My apologies for away from my blog for quite a while. Thanks and no thanks to TM, we now have our internet connection working back to normal after living in the stone ages for about 2 weeks! My good old Kenwood handmixer ended its life last wednesday while I was mixing the Choc Cheese Wave. The plastic bit on one of the paddles broke =( I panicked, initially as I had all ingredients out/weighed and some were half mixed i.e. definitely no chance of me pushing them back into their packets/containers. I thank my aunt-in-law for leaving her Cornell stand mix in the pantry so I used that as backup. I had to strain the cheese mix twice to make sure no plastic bits end up in the batter. Thank God i did!

Since Chinese New Year just passed a few days ago, some/most Chinese-owned shops are still closed til the 8th day into their new year. That includes Bake With Yen, the cake supplies shop I usually go to to fulfill all my baking needs. Having not anticipating this earlier, I had to resort to Carrefour for my butter and cheese for orders end of the week. I'm glad I have the habit of keeping extra cake boards and boxes in my kitchen. Going back to my broken mixer, my first instinct at that time was to get into the car and take a short 7 minute drive to The Gardens to buy every-serious-baker's essential kitchen tool, The KitchenAid stand mixer. Fortunately, I still had a tiny bit of willpower in me to restrain my erratic conduct. I bought it two days later, on the Friday heh heh heh in RED. My justification was that I needed one and that it'll last me throughout my baking years. My mum-in-law owns a white one, which she bought 10 years ago when it only cost about RM1600!!! My KitchenAid is still beautifully boxed, as I have yet to find a suitable nook for it to sit in.

I think I'll use it on Monday when Bake With Yen has opened, to bake a birthday cake for Wani's husband - a friend we met in the UK. I'm about to enter my experimenting-mood so I'll probably bake a tray of Chocolate Fudge Brownies next week. There goes my KitchenAid-semangat! (semangat=enthusiasm) =D

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