Thursday, February 5, 2009

My revised Choc Cheese Wave birthday cake

Choc Cheese Wave consists of a centre layer creamy cheesecake, sandwiched with two layers of melt in the mouth chocolate brownie-cake

I woke up at 6.20am this morning with my full intention of demolishing the decor of Wani's husband's birthday cake as in my previous blog. I looked at the cake and thought "I wouldn't be happy to receive this as my birthday cake!", hence carefully lifting all the white chocolate patterns/writing on the cake.

I stuck to the hearts-idea since Valentine's day is less than 2 weeks away. I obviously could not remove the large candles off the cake without cracking the Wave, so working around them, I carefully drew mini hearts with white chocolate, close to each other, to fill up the entire cake surface. I was done at about 8am with the dark cholate writing to finish off with. I then decided to outline the text with micro bead-sprinklers to make the dark chocolate writing stand out...that took me a good 2.5 hours. My neck took the strain the most. But at least I was happy enough to pass the cake on to Wani, so it's worth it.

After being busy for the last 24 hours, I only managed to check my mail tonight after I got back from spending time with my Dad in Parkroyal Hotel. I received a birthday cake order for tomorrow, 5th February, from my sister's, Mimi's, friend. I might be able to just squeeze baking & decorating the cake tomorrow and get it delivered the end of the day. It all depends on which cake the person orders. Let's just hope that I get enough time to think & dream of the decoration since I'm the most undecisive baker who exists on planet Earth when it comes to decorating! I'll update on that after it's over and done with! For the time being, here's my revised 4th February 2009 birthday cake for Wani's husband, Chor.

Caledonia offers the Wave in two sizes. Grand (2kg) for RM80 and Petite (950g) for RM55. Caledonia's BEST SELLER by far!

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