Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nurul's Dark Temptation engagement cake gift

Dark Temptation is an absolutely rich and moist chocolate cake made with real good quality chocolate with a generous spread of chocolate ganache filling between cake layers and then covered with more ganache all over! A must-try for those chocolate sinners!

A Dark Temptation engagement cake gift ordered by Nurul. I made this version of the Dark Temptation for Fara a few months back in purple. Nurul wanted the white/silver/pink combination. She later text me to say that the bride and groom to be and their families enjoyed the cake! That made my day, so enough said. Enjoy the photos! =)

Tomorrow I will experiment on a Toblerone chocolate cake for a cousin, Kak Hawa, who sounded quite desperate to get hold of one in Kuching! I shall rebake the proper cake for Monday's collection. I just LOVE experimenting and am a very happy bunny today =)

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Anonymous said...

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