Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toblerone Dark Temptation

The Toblerone Dark Temptation is another version of my existing Dark Temptation cake except that it contains bars and bars and bars and bars...of Toblerone both in the cake and ganache! This cake has a generous amount of Toblerone ganache between the layers of Toblerone sponge cake plus more all over!

I've just finished experimenting on a Toblerone chocolate cake this morning with success =) Kim had the first bite and our little Emille got very excited just by the sight of it! I'll bake a proper one for Kak Hawa tonight perhaps. I reduced a lot on the sugar department as I know that our families are not huge fans of sweet sugary stuff. The Toblerone cake is as usual, very moist, loaded with bars of Toblerone chocolate in the cake itself and in the ganache. One would think that it might be overly sweet but its not. Just nice and dark =) I shall call it the Toblerone Dark Temptation. Enjoy drooling =)

[please excuse my lack of tidiness. I simply couldn't wait to put a slice in my mouth!]

[The Toblerone Dark Temptation has layers of Toblerone ganache in it with more Toblerone ganache all over!]

I discovered the best time to eat it was after it was freshly coated with ganache with just about 15 minutes of chilling in the fridge. The ganache consistency is perfect and the cake is still nice and soft =) Of course, I would always advise friends to bring it down to room temperature or let it sit in on your kitchen counter for about 10-15 minutes before eating the cake. This way, both cake and ganache would have soften a bit.


My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

hi ira.. lalu terus rasa nak meli toblerone eh... the description ya nang mouth watering lah

wish you were here, otherwise i'd order from you just for own makan2...

bahaya lah involve in this makan2 bus... I tend to use lots of reasoning to rationalise eating too much cakes/cupcakes... ada cupcake lebih la, k check rasa lah, k experiment flavour lah..

Ira said...

Hi Anor,

Follow my rule of thumb - to taste during your experiments, have only one proper slice of the cake (or just one cupcake for your case). The rest will somehow find their way into other people's tummy =) I always offer slices of cakes to friends during experiments =)

Apart, from that, I don't actually eat my own cake anymore. I just drum it into my head that I should let others enjoy it and not myself (plus I find it wrong to eat my own cake!). So that way, you can keep baking without expanding sideways =)