Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Petite Choc Cheese Wave & Toblerone Dark Temptation

Choc Cheese Wave consists of a centre layer creamy cheesecake, sandwiched with two layers of melt in the mouth chocolate brownie-cake

The Toblerone Dark Temptation is another version of my existing Dark Temptation cake except that it contains bars and bars and bars and bars...of Toblerone both in the cake and ganache! This cake has a generous amount of Toblerone ganache between the layers of Toblerone sponge cake plus more all over!

I had a wonderful diving trip in Tioman Island last weekend. But before I took off to the island, I last minutely baked these two petite cakes for Li Oi and Hajar. My husband was surprised as to why I accepted the orders as they were quite last minute. I said to him "I don't get orders for simple undecorated cakes everyday". I truly got to enjoy the pleasure of just baking! I find satisfaction in baking cakes for people whom I know, appreciate good cakes and just want to dig in without minding how well decorated the cakes are =) So I baked these two petites in less than 12 hours =)

[Li Oi's petite Choc Cheese Wave]

[Hajar's petite Toblerone Dark Temptation...I found it tricky to photograph this cake at night. I keep seeing light reflection on the rich ganache so I had to hold the cake in one hand, camera in the other and find a suitable spot to take a shot]

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My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

that explains y the cake looked like they were floating on air =)