Friday, June 12, 2009

Danish's #1 Choc Cheese Wave candle cake

I made a #1 Choc Cheese Wave birthday cake for my good friend's son. It'll be his first birthday - hence the #1. My friend, Diliana, made it very clear that she wanted a #1 shaped cake. So I walked the whole stretch of Jalan Tar in KL in search of a #1 shaped pan in the cake supplies shop. I found other numbers but not #1. I was already mentally prepared to carve a #1 cake if this special pan can't be found. Until finally Nancy in Jaya One found a #1 pan which she kindly saved for me! It was the last pan available. I must say, Diliana's son was VERY lucky! She wanted the cake to be as colourful as possible! So here it is, enjoy the photos!

[a 2kg Choc Cheese Wave]

[a candle flame, stars and streamers]

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