Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sara's Choc Cheese Wave wedding hantaran cake

A petite Choc Cheese Wave wedding hantaran cake for Sara. I was thrilled to find out that Sara was hooked when she had a taste of the wedding Choc Cheese cake and Caramel Apple Cheesecake I made for Ayu. She wanted the same for her akad with white/pink/moss green to play around with. So here it is, Simplicity & Elegance! Enjoy the photos!


Sara S said...

ohmygosh, i love it!
can wait to see it with my own eyes and have a stab at it :D

thanks ira!

Ira said...

Glad you like it, Sara! =) I hope the cake arrive safely in Penang. Dylan looked quite confused when I said not to put the cake in the fridge LOL Neverthless, enjoy the cak and please stab it gently! =D

ayu said...

ira's done it again!!! :o)

so da lawa!!! you're gonna have a beeyootiful hantaran cake syazzie

Simply June said...

Very cantik!! I wanna have a stab at it too!!!

syahaneem said...

me want too..!!! me want to order for me birthday nnt ;)

best la tuh dpt dream cake hehhee..anyway, congrats dear!! beautiful dressess and hair piece..a perfect wedding for u, i bet!!