Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sinful Chocolate Cake

I've finally finished baking my 2nd birthday cake today. The chocolate cake has been trimmed, cut into half, sandwiched with dark-chocolate ganache, and topped off with more ganache. A friend, Wani, ordered a chocolate birthday cake this morning for his 10-year old brother, Kimin, for tomorrow afternoon. I initially panicked coz I thought Wani wanted the Velvet, as it might be a tight squeeze for me to get the cake prepared on top of completing other orders. How relieved was I when she mentioned the Chocolate Orange Volcano with a twist. She wanted the Volcano without the orange, and not to look like a volcano. Basically she wanted a simple chocolate cake =) So I gave her a rough price of RM80 for a 1.2kg chocolate cake. That included candles & knife, deco, and delivery (since we're also invited to the party).

Talking about candles, I bought 10 'Magic Relightable Candles' from Bake With Yen, without thinking much of the name of the candles. Afterall, candles are candles. It was when I reached home that I suddenly realised that those candles might not be suitable for birthdays as they automatically relight themselves after being blown out! The only way of putting out the flame is by dipping the candles in water! *DUH* - slaps herself on the forehead! I'll have to see if Cold Storage, next door, has NORMAL candles. Most shops are closed during Christmas. If not, poor Kimin will just have to make do with those magic candles! You never know, the kids might get excited over it! hehehe

Going back to the cake, I baked the chocolate cake more or less like how I would bake a Volcano with a few alterations so that it wouldn't form a 'crater'. I would imagine it to have the same richness of the Volcano, if not, more. It was my 1st experience playing with Ganache. Well, actually my 2nd, but 1st on a cake. The last time I made chocolate ganache was when I made Valentine Praline Truffles for Kim in Bristol. I made sure I used good quality chocolate as well as good quality cream. I must admit that it was rather messy trying to smoothen out small bare patches at the sides of the cake while turning and making sure my wire rack and cake doesn't topple onto the roasting tin I used to catch the drippings.

When I was assembling the cake, I had my mum-in-law as my 1st audience, followed by my sister-in-law, Hidayah, and Kim's aunt. I'm the type of person who gets nervous when being observed where things may highly likely turn out wrong!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to bringing the cake over to Wani's house in Putrajaya. I'll probably also have a slice of my own cake (how weird, especially in public!) to taste the goodness (or not) of it. If it turns out good, it'll be added to the menu =) Talking of which, I need to come up with a name. I like the word 'Sin' to be in it as the amount of good quality chocolate is sinfully generous. Kimin Chocolate Sin? Sinful Chocolate? Any suggestions?

[please excuse my poor whipped cream writing. That was my 1st writing-on-a-cake attempt!]

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