Friday, December 26, 2008

The Dark Temptation

[10-year old Birthday Boy, Kimin]


[a few minutes later!]

This is a continuation of my previous post (Sinful Chocolate Cake). We went to the party and had a slice of the cake to share between us. It was an absolute divine! One adjustment applied. I will try to slice across the cake in 3, instead of 2, to have more chocolate ganache between the cake layers. In terms of taste/richness/moisture - perfect. Kim especially loved the hint of dark chocolate in the cake.

The stabilised whipped cream borders i made were perhaps slightly overly whipped. I dunno. I initially wanted to do a leaf border but the leaves wouldn't come out pointed. It had a blunt-broken tip =( So I went for a shell border at the bottom and a star bottom on top. I will have to experiment more with piping whipped cream since that might be my favourite in terms of taste. Buttercream is just too sweet! Fondant is absolutely disgusting! Royal icing? No no! Marzipan? ahahha yuck! I think it'll have to be chocolate ganache and whipped cream it is =)

And the name of the cake - Dark Temptation sold at RM80 for a 8" - 1.3kg cake. The taste is worth the price, Trust me!

Description: An absolutely rich and moist chocolate cake with generous good-quality dark chocolate ganache filling between layers and then covered with more ganache all over! A must-try for those chocolate sinners!

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