Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Caledonia Quartet

I baked these festive Caledonia Quartets as gifts to friends earlier this month. It consists of 4-quarters of different cakes - Choc Cheese Wave, Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake, Midnight Fruitcake, & Caramel Ruffle brownie with partitions in between.

[Left-Right, Top-Bottom: Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake, Midnight Fruitcake, Choc Cheese Wave, & Caramel Ruffle Brownie]

Ideal as gifts or for those cake lovers who simply fancy a little variation =) Other cake-combinations available upon request (subject to nature of cake). Please contact for quotes.

Caledonia offers the Quartet in sets:

2-Quartets - RM150 (total of 2kg)
4-Quartets - RM250 (total of 4kg)


tanyaTania said...

NICE! Good idea :)

Caledonia said...

Thanks! =D

June said...

kenapa mahal sangat ?

Caledonia said...

Hi June,

Mahal ke? I'm sorry that you feel that way. Well, if one were to buy the set of four, it's actually cheaper than buying all four individual cakes considering the extra amount of effort involved in the Quartets which I did not add to the costs of cakes. But if you were to get the two, it would be slightly expensive because i'm left with another 2 to sell.

These Quartets are targeted to customers who are considering giving them away as gifts. Although I do get orders for personal consumption. What my customers normally do is to gather friends who might want to share the Quartet, rather than end of with all four or two =)