Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Eve Projects

I'm worrying way too much. I have the word CAKE CAKE CAKE stuck in my bloody head all the time! Not even my new Twilight Saga books can lure my thoughts off CAKES!

I've got a few cakes lined up for new year and first week of January. Kim also requested for me to make profiteroles for new year's eve. One Dark Temptation (with extra chocolate mousse) for Hidayah's birthday, one Cheese Fluff (this is new and haven't been blogged on yet) for a family friend's daughter, and 4 Caledonia Quartets for Kak Ina's order. My biggest worry is the Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake which will be transformed into an engagement cake due on 1st January. It's the decorating part that's been bugging me. I keep of ways to decorate the Velvet. I've finally (hopefully) made up my mind on how to ice the cake. I'm going for a coffee whipped cream icing, piped onto the cake as little stars, top and sides. I bought some beautiful white and light yellow baby sugarpaste roses from Cake Connection in Jaya One today and will perhaps place them on the bottom of the cake. It cost me RM22.40 for 16 baby roses. Totally blew my budget as I'm charging RM20 for the deco stuff. Then again, with my little creative deco skills, I don't think I should be charging a whole lot just yet. To me, it's still those early learning stages so I don't plan to make any profit out of decorating.

I haven't, however, decided on the colour of the text on the cake. Should I go for a darker shade of yellow? Also, I'm not risking writing freehand on the cake. I might pre-write on parchment paper and trace out with piping gel and try to stick it onto the cake before finally writing on the cake. As this is all very new to me compared to baking, I'm not too sure if that method will work on whipped cream =( I'm lucky enough to be able to test and try the deco and method on those two birthday cakes for this new year's eve. Decor mistakes are less severe on birthday cakes compared to engagements. I'll post up photos once the cakes are done. Wish me luck! =)

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