Sunday, May 10, 2009

A tale of two postwomen

I made a Mother's Day delivery to my friend's house, Puteri, earlier today. It was quite a drive through the unfamiliar area, i must say. It didn't help that I made life more complicated by choosing to go through one route instead of the one suggested by Puteri's dad! LOL

When we got to Puteri's house, Jay and myself were invited to come in for tea. I was quite malu at first but Puteri's dad insisted. So we had iced tea which was nice and refreshing andddd....MY CAKE!!! It's wrong!!! Puteri, it's wrong! hahahah to serve a cake that I baked for someone's mum, to myself! Oh dear. Anyway, I had the tiniest slice and Jay had TWO slices! She even swallowed all the fondant and buttercream! At least now I know what a fondant covered cake tastes like! I'm glad that both parents enjoyed the cake.

Getting out of the place was another story. I left navigating to Jay, and ended up making another tour around Sungai Merab! LOL I should have just gotten hold of the map and did it myself. Nevertheless, it was a good drive! I was thankful that I delivered in broad daylight =) So next time, in about eight years time, I will return to Sungai Merab and eat Aunty Kobkua's durians without getting lost!! muaahahahahahaha

My head was all over the place with Mother's Day's orders and deliveries that I've forgotten to take photos of Patricia's Caramel Apple Cheesecake birthday cake and Rima's Inside-Out-Profiteroles for her mum. *sigh*

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