Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Joseph's Safari Choc Cheese Birthday Cake

I've just 90% finished decorating a grand (2kg) Choc Cheese Wave cake ordered by Mrs. Yeoh for her son's first birthday, baby Joseph. When I received a call from Joseph's mum, about a week ago, she requested that I make the KLCC Twin Towers and the monorail. To be honest, I was quite taken aback as we all must admit it is a rare choice for a 1-year old. I couldn't promise Mrs. Yeoh that I'll be able to take the order with that extravagant decorations as I only had one week to make everything on top of the existing orders I've already taken from other customers. However, at the same time, I was excited about it as it would have given me the chance to further test my humble construction skills. I had already planned a city theme for the cake with buildings and all in my head while strolling along the corridors of Bangsar Village. Even my husband got a little excited! LOL

Anyway, I didn't think I'd hear from Mrs. Yeoh again, but she did call me the next day and confirmed that she wanted me to bake her son's cake with baby animals on it. Since I just bought a #1 cake pan for an order in June, I suggested that she has the #1-shaped cake with animals on it. So I came up with more or less a Safari theme. I tried introducing as many colours as possible as I know babies Joseph's age would appreciate that. This was what happened when I let my brains run a bit wild - a pink monkey, and a supposedly Zebra but actually looks like a cross breed between a cat and something else. My husband calls it Wolverine! LOL Plus a couple of palm trees and ladybugs and snakes.

I really hope both mother and son will enjoy the fun decoration and cake. Looking forward to delivering the cake over to their house tomorrow! =)

[this is still a work-in-progress cake. It's missing the pink monkey and 'Wolverine' plus other finishing touches. I'll add more photos of the finished cake tomorrow]

[The completed Safari cake]

[the rare species...a pink Ape and my cross-breed Wolverine]

I just received a call from Mrs. Yeoh. They love the cake and decorations! =) Only problem is, it's too big a cake for just two adults and a baby! She said even Joseph was still half asleep when asked to blow the candle LOL Bless! =)

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