Thursday, May 28, 2009

Endless moulding

I'm in my 'relaxed' mood as I like to call it. I've been keeping myself busy preparing flowers and other decoration stuff. I've made a mini handbag with matching ballerinas, a lipstick, a necklace, a key, pink violets and apple blossoms, and I just finished moulding a man for next month's orders. I still have a girl, a big ass laptop, some stars, and perhaps books to make. doesn't help that I feel like going to the island to dive! Oh dear!! focus focus! Kim, Jay, and myself will be visiting this dive shop to look at/try on masks this Saturday =) I'm eagerly waiting for my Cressi Subs to arrive and try them on to see which fits best! ohhh bestnya!

Now diving and cakes just don't gel do they? Weirdd.... but it's alright *shrugs*

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