Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jay's Mint Slices

I had a baking afternoon with Jay yesterday. Being a chocoholic that she is, Jay wanted me to experiment making these chocolates - they're like After Eights with the soft mint centre. We made our version slightly different - there were 3 layers i.e. an Oreo cookie crust at the bottom, a sweet mint filling at the centre, and a beautiful rich dark chocolate as the top. It was relatively easy to make, just that Jay couldn't bear the waiting-chilling time. She said suddenly out of the blue, "I just can't wait to put those things in my mouth!" (while checking her emails on the laptop!). Jay made the first cut and taste...she said, "there is heaven on earth!" hhmmmmmm....She ate most of the chocolate in my house, and I packed the leftovers for her to take home. Jay said they will last for another 3 days...hhmm...I'm sceptical, I don't think they'll even last the car journey home!. I'll check later today when I see her =)

[I made Jay pipe her name for the first time]

[Jay literally cut her way through the sides of the chocolate as you can see. My mum-in-law who was sitting in the corner said "Mak hairan tengok Jay makan chocolate banyak sangat!" ("I was shocked to see Jay eat so much chocolate!")]

[soft sweet mint filling sandwiched by an Oreo crust and rich dark chocolate. Beautiful!]

[the proud consumer!]

I will list/offer Jay's Mint Slices on Caledonia's menu. I don't know what category this will come in under. It's definitely not cake nor is it pastry. It's simply Chocolate!

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