Friday, July 10, 2009

Johan's Akikah Choc Cheese Wave Cupcakes

A friend of ours from Bristol, Fariza & Eso, placed this order way way wayyy well in advance and I'm truly grateful for that. Fariza has been eyeing on the Choc Cheese Wave ever since she was expecting their son, Johan! So finally, as they made their trip back to Malaysia, showing Johan for the first time to family members, she placed an order of 96 Choc Cheese Wave cuppies which were specially created for her and family. She also requested that I put football/cute little bears/guitars/graduation scrolls/letter 'J' as the cupcakes topping.

I had real fun making the bears especially as they were soo cute!! I felt like pinching each one myself after completing them, but obviously that would mean my hard effort wasted! I must admit that the bears were the hardest among all. It took me days to slowly finish 20 bears in different baby poses. Anyway, I had a mixture of fondant covered cuppies as well as Chocolate Vanilla buttercream frosted cupcakes. I hope that both mummy & daddy will be happy with my creation. Enjoy the photos!

[Choc Cheese Wave Specialty Cuppies]

[thought I'd post a photo of my little helper Emille]

[graduation hats & scrolls]

[I just couldn't wait to pack them up in their boxes!!!]

[my royal icing footballs and clowns]

[my favourite!]


[letter 'J' swirls with blue sugar sprinkles]

[the group of bears]

[football swirls]

[Mr. clown]

[all packed, ready for collection! - yay, I did it!!! now I can go on holiday! =)]


Mrs. Green said...

woman, you just keep getting better and better...CAN WE PLEASE START DELIVERING YOUR STUFF OVERSEAS?

Caledonia said...

Shall I leave that to you and Kyle to setup? =) Then maybe we could do a partnership ;)

Mrs. Green said...

that's exactly my thought. :o) i've been looking into it already. someone needs to start investing in your ingenuity...

Malicious Mind said...

wowwwww. cute cute la your cupcakes ira!!