Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holiday happenings

I'm back!! Fully recovered and as crispily burnt as a crispy duck! I filled my two week holiday in KK with lots and lots of snorkelling and diving trips! I went snorkelling 3 days in a week and a 3 day dive trip as well...I kept going to the jetty so frequently that I made aquaintences with the boat guys there! LOL They're nice people plus handy especially when you need favours of getting an earlier boat than scheduled or simply to take us to the secret beautiful parts of the island, unknown to tourists, to enjoy the sight of beautiful corals and fish =) heh heh heh I took my Advanced diving course and a Nitrox specialty course inKK which took 3 days and did another 3 leisure dives before that. I experienced horrible horrible seasick when diving and honestly, it wasn't pleasant! As soon as I roll myself back into the water, I felt much much better. Kim says that I'm a fish and that I should just remain underwater hehehhe. It took me an extra 4 days to recover fully from my seasickness and to feel fully human again.

This weekend, we're off to Bali! Mainly to surf and dive...and the rest of the time filled with a bit of everything. I started baking some cakes today for the end of this week and just realised that I left my digital scale in KK! I'm waiting for my sister to bring it over with her when she comes to KL this Friday. I planned to make more of those teddies for some cupcake orders but looks like it'll have to be delayed til I get my scale back *shrugs* I find it difficult to convert back to my normal scale after being so used to precision on my digital scale. But as far as baking is concerned, my old normal scale would do for the time being =)

[One of our snorkelling trips - Manukan Island]

[We found what we were looking for! The blue-ringed Octopus...My instructor told me to prove it to the world that "There is the blue-ringed Octopus in Sapi Island, KK". wwoohoo!]

[when I did my Advanced buoyancy test. Writing on the pad while maintaining position only inches off the sea floor]

[The Kiwi guy with the tattoos? Yup that's Nev Kippenberger, my brilliant instructor from Sabah Divers]

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