Monday, January 12, 2009

M&Ms Temptation

I have a dear friend who is besotted/addicted or much simpler, just cannot see a packet of M&Ms without making her eyes bulge, gasp, and ending up with a satisfying smile on her face as if her life's goals have been wonderfully achieved =) That would be Jay, my psycho-Roxy-M&M-yoga instructor-friend who once upset her tummy by popping in a whole extra-jumbo-sized packet of Christmas' Limited Edition M&M in one go LOL!

So this M&Ms Tempatation (based on my Dark Temptation), as I call it, was created specially for Jay, by adding half a packet of crushed peanut M&Ms with the other half arranged around the cake and absent-mindedly dotted on it, hence the I-don't-quite-get-the-smiley-face on the cake according to Kim. This cake is loaded with chocolate, definitely not for the faint hearts! - extra amount of chocolate in the genoise, double portions of chocolate ganache between each three layers of sponge plus more chocolate ganache poured over the cake. Unbelievably, Jay still wanted to eat the cake with chocolate chip ice-cream!

The amount of M&Ms in the cake is nothing compared to her extra jumbo sized packet but I couldn't help but write the message "Dear Jay, please do NOT consume in one sitting". She ate half of the 1.2kg cake yesterday and that the remaining half will be gone today. I'll wait and see if she asks for emergency MC from work. Bet all the members will be anxious thinking that she's left mYoga again!

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