Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stocking up

It's the first day of Ramadhan today. I've been quite diligent in my kitchen for the past week stocking up cake orders for Raya. I now have a build up of 9kg worth of sugar-eggs-flour products in my freezer for orders received so far - still having about 4kg more to go before my list gets longer. I hope our sugar shortage issue improves quickly. I would literally buy 2 packs (the current limit per family to purchase in shops) of sugar everytime I go grocery shopping just to avoid myself being in a situation where I would have to desperately look in every corner of KL for sugar.

I will be spending Raya in Kota Kinabalu (thank God!) this year with most of my siblings (except for my always-MIA-brother =P) and parents. It's a good feeling especially after not being able to spend proper Raya with my own family for...about 8-9 years. That happens when all four siblings were studying/working/living abroad.

Kim asked for cake last night so I decided to cut up one portion of what was supposed to be for an order...I don't always do that but last night was an exception. There are so many in the fridge, what is one cake less to my extra effort?? =) Anyway, once again, I wish all fellow Muslim customers and readers a very happy Ramadhan and lets take the opportunity during this month to become better people =) *peace*