Sunday, August 16, 2009

Graduation cake went wrong

I finally have my own laptop which I've decided to name, Pocket =) It's red, it's light, it's so small, I can literally carry it everywhere in my handbag with me =)

Yesterday, I delivered two cakes to Putrajaya for a high school friend Vivien. Vivien ordered the petite Choc Cheese Wave for her sister's graduation day so I made a Karate woman graduate as the cake topping. I went overboard with estimating the size of the woman so ended up with a slightly overweight karate woman graduate. When Kim and I reached her place in Putrajaya, The Karate graduate was already lying on her side!!! aarrgghhh I felt so annoyed with myself for being so careless on the road trip! I should have brought another person to help me hold the cakes.

I gave a generous discount for the cake and was thankful enough that Vivien didn't quite mind since it was just for their own consumption. Next time, I'll literally assemble figurine-cakes on the spot to avoid accidents like this in future! I hope that Vivien and sisters enjoyed their Choc Cheese Wave and their Caramel Ruffle Brownies!

[when the cake was still perfect]

[my 'orang batu' Karate graduate]


vivien_capri said...

the cake was just nice..everybody loved it. My little sister didn't wait too long before snatching the head off the figurine and savour it, tho.

I actually felt weird watching her eat the 'karate kid'. She was like, 'mmmmm...' while eating the hair off the head. :D

Caledonia said...

uurrgghhh hahahhaa! that should be interesting to watch your sister biting off the head! LOL I'm just happy that everybody loved it =)

Ira x

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