Friday, August 28, 2009

AKN Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake

I received an order for a petite Cappuccino Velvet Cheesecake a week ago by Datin Kimi, as a surprise birthday cake for her beloved husband. Datin Kimi wanted me to draw a logo of her husband's company (thank goodness it didn't involvle a head of a lion or something of that sort! LOL) with a simple message on the cake. Very minimalistic, my kinda cake =) I delivered the cake on a Monday morning to the office in Shah Alam. I usually look up delivery addresses on google maps and was confident enough that the address Datin Kimi gave me matched the location pointed out on google maps...until...I ended up at the Airforce base! Yes Google directed me to the Airforce base with the AKN's office address. I ought to email google maps to update that error before somebody else, looking for AKN's office gets directed to the TUDM (Airforce base).

Anyway, I always drive with a map in hand and a gps on my phone so getting the correct location wasn't so difficult after Datin Kimi gave me landmarks to look out for that lead to the office. I was there nice and early when I delivered the cake to the Secretary.