Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ira is complaining

I feel EXTREMELY tired today. Baking in Kota Kinabalu is no fun. I hate the oven. Perhaps I'm not used to this one in my house in KK - I miss my oven in KL. I'm trying to get all KK orders done by tomorrow in hope that I can put my feet up on Saturday. I don't think I have ever felt this tired before. I can bake 20 cakes a week in KL and was still able to jump/smile/run. Now I just feel like dozing off to bed. Perhaps I'm spoilt by my Kitchen Aid in KL which does make life a lot easier compared to my Philips hand-held mixer in KK...or the endless variety of bowls & spatulas I can choose from to bake certain cakes etc. I don't know about other bakers, but these little things do make a huge difference when baking. I mean, mixing a cake in a heavy glass bowl used for fruit punches and trying to pour it into the tin is hard work! *sigh*

I am a creature of habit. When I bake cake A, I will ALWAYS have to use bowl B & C with spatulas A & D, for example. I'm glad that I've given myself a headstart and already baked 8 cakes in KL for orders in KK - all the cake-hand-carrying is way way better than having to bake those 8 cakes. I think I would have gone mental. The only nice element about baking in KK is the kitchen. The family has a beautiful kitchen with lots of marble worktops. If only I could bring the kitchen to KL, then my baking life would have been complete =)

Ok, enough complaining for tonight! I should be thankful for what I have and remember that there are always others who are worse off than myself. Selamat Hari Raya dear readers! =)

Ira x


Simply June said...

I too find it though to bake or cook in other's kitchen. I get disheveled and feel so uncomfortable cooking /baking when not in my own kitchen. It makes it harder when some kitchens are not equipped with the stuff u're used to, i.e. your kitchen aid or a different oven!!!

Caledonia said...

I totally agree with you June!! Not fun at all especially when the kitchen isn't well equipped and you've got tonnes of cakes to bake in a very tight time frame =( Anyhow, I managed to survive through all this KK cake overload and am happily looking forward to going to town to get a few things done - non cake realted for a change =D heheheh